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About Uthoff Hybirds

We are a small regional seed corn company that offers high quality conventional and trait seed corn to Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin at a reasonable price. 
The Past, Present, and Future

L-R: Vince, Marie, Orville Uthoff

The Beginning 

Uthoff Hybrids was started in 1978 by Orville, Marie, and Vince Uthoff. Since Orville and Marie's passing in the mid 1990s Vince and his Wife, Ann, have been operating it with the support from their 4 children; Jordan, Johanna, Sam, and Elizabeth. On the 40th year of operation, the 3rd generation joined the team, in 2018 Jordan and his wife Kaci joined the team full time. We pride ourselves that we are a family company that knows the importance of hard work and a good handshake.  


L-R: Elizabeth, Johanna, Vince, Ann, Kaci, Monroe, Jordan, and Sam Uthoff

Today and the Future

Our 3rd generation family business knows what farmers face. We have our own row crop operation and small cattle herd. We know the trials and tasks which farmers must face from planting to harvesting to marketing grain. We have dealers located across eastern Iowa that are willing to help you today. Please contact us and we can provide you with best support for all your seed needs. We take pride in giving you the best customer service possible. 


Ann and Vince Uthoff

Vince 8-1987 number changed to u46 113 d

Vince Uthoff-1987


Jordan and Kaci Uthoff

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